Implementing sustainable farming practices

We collaborate with farming communities in more than 20 clusters across Gujarat, Western Madhya Pradesh, and Southern Rajasthan.

With our in-house team of experts, our partnerships with agri-input & equipment companies, and our close relationships with farmer networks & development organizations, we can GROW, AGGREGATE & DELIVER agricultural produce at our clusters.

Work Across India

Our Projects

Ratapani, Madhya Pradesh
A horticulture cluster based around sustainable cold chain technology
Aravalli Hills, Rajasthan & Gujarat
Sustainable spices, residue free vegetables and regenerative agriculture across multiple clusters across the region
Eastern & Central Gujarat
Regenerative agriculture models to grow residue-free vegetables, pulses and spices
Saurashtra & North Gujarat
Building commercial supply chains for sustainably grown seed spices and potatoes


Snapshots from our Projects


What Our Clients Say

I grew G4 green chillies on my farm for the first time this year. I was initially skeptical about cultivating chilies until a fellow farmer from my village introduced me to Impagro. I have been able to achieve a favorable crop yield with their assistance and prompt advice. In addition, the Impagro team also assisted me in managing the pest infestation and leaf curl virus disease on my farm.

Jayantibhai Farmer

Our farm's crop production and soil fertility has degraded as a result of our family's long-standing adoption of conventional agricultural techniques. But this time we used Impagro's assistance as we pursued regenerative principles as well as highly curated bio-input kits on our farm that the Impagro team provided us. Unexpectedly, this time the crops have been of greater quality and we saw a better yield.

Veenaben Farmer

From our association with Impagro, we have learned how to use their bio-inputs kit to prevent insect-pest attack and tackle disease for our crops. Their prompt technical advice also assists us in achieving a higher yield. The great aspect of our relationship with Impagro is that we don't have to worry about market linkages as they buy our harvested produce straight from our fields and provide us with better prices.

Jashodaben Rathva Farmer

I've had a lot of challenges since I began growing green chilies three to four years ago, particularly in terms of market relations. Since I began working with Impagro, the best thing that has happened is that I don’t have to be concerned about marketing costs as the Impagro team has provided me farm gate procurement services, resulting in better profit and better market prices, making it the easiest service for any farmer. Additionally, it cuts down on the time and expense of transporting my harvested crop to the mandi.

Vajubhai Farmer

I'm constantly interested in learning new farming methods to adopt on my farm. After being a part of Impagro this year, they have helped me with regenerative farming methods on my farm where I used bio-inputs. In addition to seeing significantly greater quality produce on my farm, I also received higher prices from Impagro because my product was grown without the use of pesticides and was completely residue-free. Impagro promptly buys the crop from my field, eliminating the hassle of travelling to the mandi.

Rajubhai Farmer

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