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Supply Chain Solutions

We develop supply chain solutions for buyers of agri produce

We supply a number of prominent national e-commerce and online grocery brands. Our experienced team has a deep understanding of their daily requirements and the strict quality requirements of each client. They then work with our farmer network to source and deliver produce based on clients’ requirements.

Our Ahmedabad-based team is well placed to supply businesses across the city. Our clientele includes a growing list of the city’s prominent supermarket and restaurant brands to which we provide doorstep delivery services.

We are developing supply chain solutions for food processors and exporters who have complex sourcing needs. We understand the importance that such clients attach to stable supply, consistent quality, and adherence to international certification standards. In the field we work with farmers right from the planting stage to support them to grow produce in line with these clients’ requirements.

Crop Solutions

We develop crop solutions for farmers in order to integrate them into our supply chains and empower them to implement environmentally sustainable practices. We have built close relationships with partners that have developed products and services that we supply to farmers as curated solutions.

Excessive use of chemical fertilizer and inputs can have a detrimental impact on both the environment and on food safety. Central to our crop solutions is therefore our philosophy of ‘residue-free’ farming. Our crop solutions include both curated packs of inputs as well as training and support for farmers to meet this goal.

We strongly believe that more efficient use of resources is key to environmentally sustainable farming. This includes both natural resources such as soil and water, and also external ones such as plant nutrition and crop protection products. In line with this vision we are teaming up with technology partners to make micro-irrigation and precision farming solutions accessible to farmers so that they can optimize the way they use resources and, in the process, both improve their profitability and reduce their environmental impact.

Our solutions include access to equipment to support farmers to not only implement sustainable practices, but also reduce their labour costs and drudgery.

We have tied up with a reputed partner to provide credit to farmers to invest in our crop solutions.

We have tied up with suppliers of farm level renewable energy so that farmers & rural communities can decarbonize their energy consumption.

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