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Our Mission

Implementing sustainable farming practices across India

Impagro® is building environmentally sustainable, first-mile, supply chains with India’s farmers. We are active across Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan and work with crops that range from daily vegetables to bulk commodities to high value spices.

At the farm we collaborate with technology partners to deliver curated sets of inputs, equipment and services to farmers to support them to implement sustainable agricultural practices.

Our work is driven by our vision to put rural India on an environmentally sustainable development path.

Our Goal

To transition farmers to sustainable agricultural practices, and build supply chains for companies to meet their sustainability goals

- Impagro Farming Solutions

Clients & Partners

Who We Work With

| Our Clients |

Online Grocers

Leading national e-commerce
and online grocery companies


Prominent modern retail and
hotel chains


Exporters and international

| Our Partners |

Non-profit & rural development organizations

We work with a number of reputed development organizations to support farmers in their network with our solutions

Technology Partners

We collaborate with leading manufacturers and suppliers of farm inputs, equipment and technology

Agriculture with an Impact

Our Core Team


Akbar Sher Khan


About Akbar

Akbar always had a passion for agriculture spending a lot of his early childhood years learning about farming on his family farm. He went on to pursue a career as a corporate lawyer qualifying in the UK and US. He recently completed his MBA from Imperial College Business School where he was awarded the prize for the best entrepreneurial journey project. Equipped with his entrepreneurial spirit and zeal for sustainability his mission is to use innovation and technology to make an impact on Indian agriculture.


Suhrid Patel


About Suhrid

Suhrid has over 10 years experience working with the agriculture sector in numerous countries across Asia, Africa and Europe. During this time he has worked closely with both for-profit businesses as well as NGOs and international development agencies. His experience and education have taught him the importance of having holistic, multi-dimensional strategies to tackle rural development challenges, and he is dedicated to developing and delivering such solutions. He has a masters degree in Development Management from the London School of Economics and Political Science, where he also did his undergraduate studies. He is a former Overseas Development Institute (ODI) Fellow.

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